Vegetables — Better Eaten Cooked Or Raw?

Lanu Pitan
6 min readSep 12, 2019

Studies on relative benefits of cooked and raw vegetables will surprise you

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Vegetables are the most nutritional foods for optimum health benefits. Vegetables in various form should be part of a daily healthy meal. A healthy meal should contain at least, 80% of plant-based items with only 20% of animal protein, that is, if desired, but not necessary.

However, if you are using animal protein, it should be slow-cooked under low heat. Avoid deep-frying because of excess oil, unless of course, you are using an air fryer.

We have this idea that vegetables will lose their nutrients when cooked. This is not true for all vegetables. In fact, some vegetables do increase their nutrients with heat, although gentle heating is advised. It is, however, a known fact that vegetables that are over-cooked can turn into a shaft, devoid of nutrition. All water-soluble vitamins in vegetables dissolve rather too quickly if cooked for too long, so it is best to drink the water or use it to prepare sauces if this happens. Vegetables should be eaten crunchy to preserve the phytonutrients, minerals and the vitamins present in them.

There are some fruits that people classify as vegetables and are treated as such, that is cooked. A good example of this is courgette, and it’s family cucumber, which is actually fruits but treated as vegetables.

Vegetables and fruits should be taken in its whole form to benefit from its healing properties. Also eating freshly uncooked or with minimal heat of fruits and vegetables is what gives the optimal health benefits.

Cooking on a stovetop is advised, not microwave. Animal protein especially should be slow-cooked on a stove until tender.

If possible, eat organic vegetables and fruits always.


Juicing and Smoothie are getting more and more attention these days. This is because people believe it is easier and tastier to consume raw vegetables and fruits as juiced rather than to eat, especially if blended with coconut, as this can sweeten the juice naturally. Juicing also provides the opportunity to mix several fruits and raw vegetables together, which naturopathy physicians do recommend for treating…

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