The Dangers Of Food Allergens

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The immune response caused by food allergens can result in a fatality

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What Is Food Allergen?

Food Allergens says, is:

‘’Naturally occurring proteins in foods or derivatives of the items that cause abnormal immune responses.’’

Foods allergens are in themselves harmless unless of course, a person is susceptible. An allergen is an abnormal response of the immune system to certain foods, that is the main reason it occurs only in a few numbers of people. The reaction varies from mild and insignificant to very serious and catastrophe to fatality.

Both adult and children can suffer an allergy reaction. However, children who suffer from food allergy often outgrow it, but with adults, it seems to remain, and they will have to manage it.

The Main Cause Of Allergen Reaction

The body immune system mistakes certain proteins found in food as a hazard and releases an antibody (Immugloblin E — IgE ) to counter-effect it or eliminate it. The chemical released is the main cause of the allergic reaction in the sufferer.

It is not known why some people have such reaction to these foods, and so far, there has not been any known cure. Sufferers manage by avoiding those foods that give them an allergic reaction.

Symptoms Of Allergic Reaction

Mild to moderate symptoms occur immediately after eating the foods and may include among others:

Skin rashes — in some part of the skin or face, which may include redness or swollen patches. The rash may cause itchiness in some people.
Tingling in the mouth — or in the face and or nose area. This may involve itching and swelling as well.
Difficulty in swallowing — looks like there’s a lump gagging the throat.
Wheezing — which may accompany running nose, shortness of breath and or dizziness.
Tummy Ache — which may involve diarrhoea and or vomiting

This list is not exhaustive, as it sometimes affects people differently.

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