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These special and extraordinary mindset tools lay dormant in your subconscious waiting for your action.

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What do Eleanor Roosevelt, Andrew Carnegie, Walt Disney, Nelson Mandela, and Mahatma Gandhi have in common? What made them special, and transformed them from the ordinary to the extraordinary that we know about them today? There is only one answer. They have all utilized the six incredible mindset tools (we are going to talk about), which is present in their subconscious to transform their lives.

There are six incredible powers that lay concealed in our subconscious that we can use to transform our ordinary life…

There are overwhelming dating apps now available for all classes of people

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I was reading a newspaper article that stated that the statistics of mature people living with HIV & STD in the UK, (where I live) now surpasses those of young adults. And the shocking part is that more and more are getting diagnosed every day.

HIV is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is a kind of STD (sexually transmitted disease).

The newspaper stated that within the age range of 35–49 years are the highest with a whopping 42.4% are HIV positive while those within the age range of 50–64…


The Galleri blood test can detect more than fifty types of cancer even before the symptoms appear

Blood test vials. Photo by on Unsplash

The Galleri blood test finds cancer before the sufferer is aware of any symptoms. I believe we are all aware of the spread of this terrible disease called cancer, and at least one in ten of us have lost one or more people to cancer. The bad news is that most are detected at a late stage, that there is little medical science can do about it. We are being told regularly to be mindful of the little changes in our bodies. This…

Spirituality/Spiritual Secrets/Prayer

All prayers are answered in a way, though not necessarily in a way that we want or understand

Understanding what prayer is helps us to accept how our prayers are answered. Photo by ABEL MARQUEZ on Unsplash

There are so many challenges on earth that even those who claim not to have faith are praying for a solution to the crises. These are cries of desperate souls. I remembered when COVID-19 was first announced in China, my immediate thinking was not to travel to China for now, despite my interest in visiting with a friend. And before we know it, over four million are dead from the virus worldwide.

Why Is Life Such A Challenge?

Apart from COVID-19, there are many casualties going on around…

Wealth Building/Personal Finance

Yes, but most employees are not working smart enough to make themselves rich

Photo by Kylie Haulk on Unsplash

When we take into account the number of hours employees put into their work, then we can comfortably say they earn peanuts, which amounts to nothing. This is because most are not earning enough for anything to invest in the long term. This is just one reason some say, employees, cannot be wealthy by working for someone else. However, entrepreneurship cannot be the only route to wealth.

We can however look at the very high corporate employees on top of the ladder who earns massive salaries. According…

Healthy Living/Lifestyle/Health/Food

It becomes imperative that this is a nutrient that you cannot do without

Food sources of zinc include among others, lobsters and other seafood. Photo by Andre Davis on Unsplash

Although zinc is an important nutrient in the body, its name is not that known or popular as others like Vitamin C, D, and E. But the impact of Coronavirus brought out the name as an important mineral in fortifying the immune system. This is because zinc has a positive impact on cold and airways viruses generally.

Zinc is an important mineral found throughout all the cells in the body, and it is essential in building up the immune system and metabolism function.

According to the National…

Health & Fitness/Food/Lifestyle

It is a known fact that excess weight has its own risk of cardiovascular disease.

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

It is a general belief that being overweight is NOT definitely healthy, but scientists are not that certain. All that is clear is that being overweight has its own health risk, mostly on vital organs in the body, but the relationship between weight and health is rather complex for straightforward answers. It depends on individuals, culture, built, muscles, bones, water, etc.

People who have obesity, compared to those with a normal or healthy weight, are at increased risk for many serious diseases and health conditions, according to the Centre for Disease Control.

  • All causes of death (mortality)
  • High blood pressure…

Spirituality/Spiritual Secrets/Religion

“The word ‘religion’ has acquired a very bad name among those who really love truth, justice, charity. It also exhales the musty odour of sanctimony and falsehood.” Luther Burbank

Photo by nikohoshi on Unsplash

I was brought up by my grandparents, who were devoted to The Methodist Church. In the house, there were morning and evening prayers, Sunday School, and Choir practices two days a week. All these I must attend, so naturally, it is so easy to see the reason I grow up to be religious. What I love most about my Methodist Church upbringing are hymns. …

Sports/Life Lesson

How often do we shed the so-called crocodile tears when a simple action could have solved our problems?

Photo by Dmitry Tomashek on Unsplash

For those who love soccer, which we call football here in the United Kingdom. Lionel Messi is a top league thirty-four-year-old Argentina footballer, worth about £309m, from playing what he knows best, endorsements and related adverts. According to the recent news on him, his salary is a $75m per annum guarantee by FC Barcelona, but he can earn up to $165 with incentives.

This is Forbe’s profile on Lionel Messi:

  • Messi has claimed FIFA’s player of the year award and the European…

Relationship Advice/Life Lesson/Lifestyle

Understanding this concept will alter your attitude and mindset and help you focus on the right issue for healthy relationships

To Build A Good Relationship Demands Understanding At All Levels. Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash

What Is Pareto Concept?

Vilfredo Federico Damaso Pareto was an Italian Philosopher and Economist. He was relaxing in his garden one day when he noticed that only 20% of his pea pods produce 80% of the healthy peas. He thought deeply about this and started looking at other issues of life. He noticed that in Italy, only 20% of the wealthy citizens owned 80% of the land. Things are never evenly distributed.

He started to observe this principle in all areas of life, business…

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