These special and extraordinary mindset tools lay dormant in your subconscious waiting for your action.

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What do Eleanor Roosevelt, Andrew Carnegie, Walt Disney, Nelson Mandela, and Mahatma Gandhi have in common? What made them special, and transformed them from the ordinary to the extraordinary that we know about them today? There is only one answer. They have all utilized the six incredible mindset tools (we are going to talk about), which is present in their subconscious to transform their lives.

There are six incredible powers that lay concealed in our subconscious that we can use to transform our ordinary life…

There are overwhelming dating apps now available for all classes of people

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I was reading a newspaper article that stated that the statistics of mature people living with HIV & STD in the UK, (where I live) now surpasses those of young adults. And the shocking part is that more and more are getting diagnosed every day.

HIV is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is a kind of STD (sexually transmitted disease).

The newspaper stated that within the age range of 35–49 years are the highest with a whopping 42.4% are HIV positive while those within the age range of 50–64…

Relationship/Lifestyle/Life Lesson

The trend these days is to look for a man who is a good provider

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Love is supposed to be the boon of a good and solid relationship, especially in marriage, but we have noticed the trends turning to how good a provider a man can be. What could be the reason for this? It is difficult to pinpoint, but the love of money has so taken over the hearts of women that love has since been relegated to the back.

I was discussing with a colleague, (the discussion sparked this article), about our common colleague who left her childhood…


If you are like most people, your day must start with a cup of coffee.

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More and more people are turning to coffee to perk up their start of the day energy. And the coffee can either be freshly brewed or from the instant dry roast powder in a jar. What is the reason for these cravings, and do we derive any benefits from drinking coffee?

What Is Coffee?

Coffee is made from a plant seed, inside a coffee cherry. Coffee cherries are fruits of the coffee plant. It can take up to a year for the coffee plant to grow fruits, and…


Physical death and decay remains the only issue that science has NOT been able to conquer

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I lost a dear friend and my mum within a short time to each other. Both have now been buried, so I can write out lyrics for them both. Despite that death is real, and it affects everyone, we are not still used to it, the departure of our loved ones still pains us.

I know death IS NOT THE END, and my loved ones are in a better place because understanding the purpose of separation lessen the pain.

These three lyrics are for…

Life Lesson/Spirituality

Life has many issues to bring one down, but what really brings one down is one’s attitude

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Most people have the wrong opinion about life. The reality is that life is a school, and so we will always undergo some examinations and tests in life. Some will be so hard on us that we might want to give up, and completely get discouraged. Our life is such that all help is available for the kind of challenges we will meet, and the roadmap is prepared for us in order to navigate with the least problems. That is the love that…

Healthy Living/Food

Having healthy foods do not have to be expensive if you know what to choose

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It is important to eat healthily for optimum good health, and most of us fear that it will cost us a fortune. This is NOT necessarily so. Here are some top few healthy foods to add to our plate that are sure to do good.

1. Sardines

Sardines are those soft bonefish we normally buy in cans. They normally have tomato, oil, or sauces. The good thing about sardines is that all the bones are edible. Sardines are also a good source of calcium, Omega 3 fatty…


The company’s elite trust and safety team are always on the ground to cover up any mishaps before it gets to the press.

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You might think you are saving money by renting Airbnb instead of a proper hotel, well you are far from right. Airbnb is NOT as always safe as you think. You may wonder why you have not read any of the ‘baddies’ about Airbnb? Well, it is because all the ‘baddies’ are being covered up quickly enough before it gets to the press and be reported. …

Parenting Advice/Life Lesson

Do you like me made yourself a sacrificial lamb to fulfill your role as a mum?

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I have over the years denied myself the joy of many things to provide for my only daughter. I know this is not peculiar to me, most women do it. Most women are always putting their children, (and sometimes their husbands)first before their own life’s little pleasure in the home.

You see, motherhood has been martyred over the years. We have believed she who ceased to exist loved the most. This is not true. This, instead makes the future daughters fear being a mother themselves. …

Personal Growth/Life Lesson

Instead of just focussing on what it takes to be successful, we should rather examine what hinders our success.

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There is a general belief that we can always prevent failures in our lives by being careful or protecting ourselves, or by arming ourselves with the right information and knowledge. This can be true only to some extent. Apart from mitigating losses through insurance covers, we are bound to fail in one area or another of our lives.

British Economist, Tim Hartford, said, in his book, ‘’Adapt, why success always starts with failure’’ experience counts in limiting failures, nevertheless, the experience…

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