Health & Wellness

Preventative healthcare empowers individuals to manage their health.

Regular check-ups with your MEDICAL practitioners identify issues soon enough. Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

The importance of a healthy lifestyle remains number one in preventing chronic illnesses, however, for some, it still does not prevent some ugly illnesses showing its face. And that is where the value of REGULAR MEDICAL CHECK-UPS come into play.

Periodically evaluating…

Foods/Health & Wellness

Eating the relevant foods will help you stay on top of your health at this critical time.

Foods rich in Vitamin C like oranges and apples will boost immune health. Photo by Volkan Kaçmaz on Unsplash

It was the French Artist, Antoine Bechamp, who deduced that a healthy lifestyle keeps illness away and that given what it needs the body has a way of balancing and automatically heals itself…

Spiritual Secret

It is the consequence of showing kindness, forgiveness, and generosity.

Micah 6: 8 is quoted in the above image. Photo by Michaela Murphy on Unsplash

The Bible Book of Micah 6:8 showed how the redeemed people of God then (presumed to be former Israelites) wanted to worship God. They believed worship signifies rituals, external rites, and rhetorics. They were even willing to sacrifice their firstborn…

True Life Story

Prosecutor Martin Goudie QC said Henderson had been “reckless or negligent” in the way he operated the plane, by putting his business above the safety of passengers.

Former Royal Air Force Officer, David Henderson was convicted of both deaths. Photo Source; Getty Images

I wrote about the numerous errors that led to the light single-engine Piper Malibu plane crash that killed young Argentine footballer, Emiliano Sala…

Personal Finance/Wealth Creation

“Interconnectedness creates the possibility that shocks are transmitted through the financial system,” said The Bank Of England Governor, Sir Jon Cunliffe.

Crypto creates the most shock waves in the financial market. Photo by Nick Chong on Unsplash

How long will the global traditional financial regulators continue to ignore the crypto market is the question the Bank of England deputy governor, Sir Jon Cunliffe seems to be…

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